Paul Jensen Piano

Paul Jensen’s Piano Studio

updated: 12/26/2021

Semesters and number of lessons, 2021-2022

Semester Length during School Year: 12 Required Lessons each term.

Summer Lessons: optional.

Extra Lessons or Longer Lessons: In some cases (certain holidays, preparation for competitions, etc)

Minimum lesson length: 45 minutes

Billing Options:

1)Like enrolling in a college course, piano lesson tuition is purchased by the semester.  There are 12 lessons each in Spring and Fall Semester.  Summer lessons and ad-hoc lessons might be purchased on an “as-needed” basis.

2) Pay full tuition and materials at the beginning of a semester and receive a free lesson credit.  Credit card, Cash, Check, Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, and Paypal are all accepted payment forms for full tuition payments

3) Alternatively, a monthly payment plan is offered (semester tuition divided by number of months in semester.)  Only Credit card payments are accepted for monthly payments (your credit card number is stored with Stripe.)

Preferred Communication:

Email is the preferred method of communication.

(Cell: 210 904-7019)

Adults are expected to handle any and all scheduling and billing communications for students under 18.  I do communicate directly with students via text message and email outside of lessons but will keep parents notified of all communication.  Please feel free to communicate frequently as any questions or concerns related to lessons or piano playing. 

Missed Lessons:

If it is necessary for Mr. Jensen to cancel a lesson, students are welcome to reschedule

(when possible) or accept a refund.


Sick students (contagious illness like the flu and common cold) should not attend lessons and will be sent home.

Makeup/reschedule Policy:

There will be no refunds or makeup lessons for cancellations initiated by students or their

families. Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance. This is similar to the way tuition

works at most private schools and community art classes. However, in some cases, during

regularly scheduled teaching days, Mr. Jensen can reschedule lessons to another teaching day during the same week.  Some of the week 13 lesson days will be scheduled with students who’s lessons conflict with Mr. Jensen’s performances.  Reschedule spots are only available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and as much advance notice as possible for all absences increases the likelihood of a reschedule.  

Home Instrument: 

Minimum requirement:  A keyboard of at least 60 keys is sufficient for a beginner who wants to try out lessons with minimal investment.

Recommended: A full size (88-keys) acoustic piano or electric keyboard with weighted, touch-sensitive keys and a sustain pedal.   

The quality of the instrument at home has a huge effect on success with lessons.  Go acoustic if you can, its a buyer’s market out there!  I can help you shop for pianos.

Remote Lessons and Covid-19 precautions:

After a year of serving piano students remotely via Zoom, Mr. Jensen’s home piano studio is slowly transitioning back to in-person lessons for students on a case-by-case basis.  While standard precautions are being taken in-studio (masks required, hand-sanitizer at lesson start…) students and their families come at their own risk.  The Jensen family is 100% vaccinated and boosted as of June 2021.

Remote piano students need a stable broad-band internet connection, a computer, laptop, or large tablet, and a piano or keyboard.  The quality of the device being used in the Zoom session has a huge impact on the enjoyment of the lesson experience for the student.  If you can, invest in a laptop, speakers, and a microphone.

Transportation problems:

If students have a driving or weather issue, Mr. Jensen can be available to teach the lesson

over Zoom. However, Mr. Jensen will not be responsible for any lesson time

lost due to technical difficulties or Internet outages. Request this option over email, as soon

as you know it will be a necessity. No lessons will be refunded due to severe weather.

Please communicate as soon as possible during a driving or weather problem.

Lesson assignments and practice plans:

Google Classroom is the preferred method to track student assignments, listen to recordings, and receive supplementary materials.  Successful students have their own dedicated device to access this application. 


Communication regarding lesson preparation, goals,

challenges, progress, etc.

Students that make the most progress in piano lessons tend to prioritize piano skill and audiation practicing in their lives, always with the help of their parents. They have a regular practice time set aside in a distraction-free setting, at least 6 days per week, and very few other extra-curricular activities. They are well-rested and not at all preoccupied with outside stresses during their practice time. They intermittently receive positive feedback regarding their hard work. “It sounds like you're working hard! Keep it up.” Most young students absorb their parent's (and sibling's) attitudes regarding their own piano playing and crave parental validation as their primary motivation.  

You are what you listen to.  The most powerful music learning is aural and self-directed.  People who have successfully made music a part of their daily lives through adulthood spend at least as much time listening to a wide variety of quality recordings and performances as they do physically practicing their instrument.  Listening is practice!

Young students, especially (and one can even include high school students in this group) have a very limited capacity to control their own schedules and plan their future and current time usage.  Family stresses, school stresses, social media consumption, and unpredictable schedules tend to be the enemies of a productive piano week. It's very challenging for students of all ages to set priorities without strong parental urging. Students tend to overestimate how many activities they can do well.

That being said, life happens, and not all lessons will be spectacularly well-prepared.

As a teacher, it's always nice to have a heads up during a week that's been especially hectic.

I will modify my approach and likely focus on smaller amounts of material during an unprepared lesson. I'll do my best to keep it a positive and worthwhile experience.

I'm open to doing additional meetings or phone calls with parents when time permits.

Please email me to set up a time.